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Can you name the dead LOST characters by their cause of death?

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Cause of DeathCharacterEpisode of Death
Smoke MonsterPilot, Part 1
Sucked into plane turbinePilot, Part 1
Euthanized by Dr. Jack ShephardTabula Rasa
Drowned in the oceanWhite Rabbit
Injuries acquired in the Beechcraft crashDo No Harm
Stick of dynamite explodes in handsExodus, Part 2
Killed by Ana LuciaAbandoned
Buried alive with her loverExpose
Buried alive with his loverExpose
Drowned in the Looking GlassThrough the Looking Glass, Part 1
Killed in freighter explosion; AKA Kevin JohnsonThere's No Place Like Home, Part 2
Flaming Arrow to the chestThe Lie
Strangled by BenThe Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham
Killed by Goodwin StanhopeThe Other 48 Days
Shot by Michael Dawson; gave him the gunTwo for the Road
Blood loss from bullet woundThree Minutes
Smoke MonsterThe Cost of Living
Killed by Charlie PaceHomecoming
Killed by Ana Lucia CortezThe Other 48 Days
Killed by Sun-Hwa KwonThe Glass Ballerina
Killed by Juliet BurkeNot In Portland
Killed by Mikhail BakuninEnter 77
Suicide by grenade detonationThrough the Looking Glass, Part 1
Cause of DeathCharacterEpisode of Death
Injuries acquired from Jughead detonationLA X, Part 1
Shot by ClaireWhat Kate Does
Axed by ClaireLighthouse
Drowned by SayidSundown
Throat slit by SayidSundown
Shot by motherThe Variable
Time traveling effectsThis Place is Death
Killed by son in the PurgeThe Man Behind the Curtain
Killed in the Purge; acting DHARMA leaderThe Man Behind the Curtain
Killed in the Purge; AKA Marvin CandleNone, revealed at Comic Con 2008
Suicide, according to Kelvin InmanNone, mentioned in Live Together, Die Alone
Killed by Desmond HumeLive Together, Die Alone, Part 1
Killed by John Locke's throwing knifeConfirmed Dead
Brain anurysmThe Constant
Killed by Ben LinusThere's No Place Like Home, Part 2
Killed by Danielle RousseauThis Place is Death
Unknown, but lost an arm to Smoke MonsterThis Place is Death
Shot by freighter soldiersMeet Kevin Johnson
Strangled by James 'Sawyer' FordThe Brig
Shot by KeamyThe Shape of Things to Come
Shot by SawyerThrough the Looking Glass, Part 2
Ran over by DHARMA vanThrough the Looking Glass, Part 1
Stabbed by Ben Linus, then burnedThe Incident, Part 2

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