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QUIZ: Can you name the trivia items from Gen I?

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QuestionAnswerOh yea...
After battling your rival in Oak's lab, when is the FIRST time you can fight him next?
Who gives you the SS Anne ticket?
If you Surf next to the SS Anne, what can you find?
Who is the fifth gym leader in Kanto?
What pokemon can you see through binoculars?
If you save on top of a bush you have cut, you will be _____?
How do you cure the Captain's sickness?
While a ball is shaking, what button combo increases your success chance?
QuestionAnswerOh yea...
Where do you obtain the silph scope?
What item do you need to gain the HM Strength?
What is the large man in Pallet Town obsessed with?
If you are fishing up only Magikarp everywhere you go, you probably have this.
Uno, dos, tres... Spanish pokemon?
Your PC holds what?
This kid on the way to Mt. Moon is way too into what?

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