Best Movie Twists Ever (Spoilers)!

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Can you name the Best Movie Twists Ever (Spoilers)!?

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Bruce Willis is dead.
Anthony Perkin's 'mother' was just Perkins himself
There was no spoon
Guy Pearce had killed his wife.
The cripple, Kevin Spacey, did it.
Edward Norton was Brad Pitt.
Alan Rickman kills Michael Gambon.
Charlton Heston was on Earth.
Orson Welles loved his sleigh.
Russell Crowe did not have as many friends as he thought.
Christian Bale and Christian Bale lived the same life.
Sam Rockwell and Sam Rockwell are just a part of a series of clones.
Michael Douglas is having a birthday party.
Nicole Kidman and her kids are dead.
It was people!

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