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hintanswerextra hint
One of the lengendary sanninPervy sage
The main characterThe nine tailed fox spirit
The current KazekageOne-tailed shikaku
One of the lengendary saininthe first femal Hokage
The most talented Hyuga clan memberborn in the cadet family
The kazekage's BrotherPuppet master jutsu
Silent but very talented ninjaCommunicates with insects
The evil one of the Sanninwants eternal life and total chaos
One of the only surviving member of the Uchiha Clanwants to evenge his clan and kill his brother
hintanswerextra hint
Fatal Jutsu that helped capture the KazekageUses clay to do the dirty work
Master of the AkatsukiMaster of time and space. The other living Uchiha
Legendary Puppet ninjaPart of the Akatsuki. against the sand village
The copy ninjaHas sharingan only on one eye.
Duos with his dogNinja hound
Represents his clan by eatingPartial expansion jutsu
Not very committed but IQ over 200'This is a drag'
Rejected by his other talents he masters in TaijutsuStrong desire. Trained by Might Guy
Skilled as a Medical ninja thanks tot eh HokageOne of Narutos close friends

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