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Can you name the phrases that contain all five vowels from these clues?

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ClueVowel Phrase
'Right on, brother!' or 'Roger that!' (3 wds.)
Dash features (2)
She's a pretty woman (2)
Challenging words (3)
Early greeting in Tijuana (2)
Parting words in Paris (2)
'That seems reasonable' (2)
Pressed the 'Eject' button (2)
Entree (2)
Argue, or maybe settle an issue (3)
ClueVowel Phrase
One making key adjustments? (2)
Chinese premier (1898-1976) (2)
Wager at the track (2)
Essential element; requirement (3)
'My Dinner with Andre' director (2)
Escaping from prison in a rash way? (2)
Plane's path (2)
Ma Bailey in 'It's a Wonderful Life' (2)
Broadway's original Sweeney Todd (2)
Pop standard (anagram of LOUD CASHIER) (3)

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