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QUIZ: Can you name the words between letters in these forward-and-backward alphabet strings?

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Letters and ClueAnswer
A-Z: Tourist attraction in San Francisco Bay (8 ltrs.)
B-Y: Nosy Parker; buttinsky (8 ltrs.)
C-X: Inverted-V diacritical mark (10 ltrs.)
D-W: Repudiate; deny responsibility for (7 ltrs.)
E-V: King of England at age 13 (2 wds.)
F-U: A delicacy that can be deadly; puffer fish (4 ltrs.)
G-T: Word in Tom Lehrer's 'Vatican Rag'; bow (9 ltrs.)
H-S: Woman with a bow; Artemis, for one (8 ltrs.)
I-R: Number that's not a fraction (7 ltrs.)
J-Q: ___ Public (average person) (2 wds.)
K-P: Family connection (7 ltrs.)
L-O: Text of an opera or musical (8 ltrs.)
M-N: Lute's cousin, a pear-shaped instrument (8 ltrs.)
Letters and ClueAnswer
N-M: Snake-oil salesman's elixir (7 ltrs.)
O-L: Yellowstone gusher (2 wds.)
P-K: Nonsense, rot, hogwash (9 ltrs.)
Q-J: Asian mouth organ; type 'Qeej'
R-I: Tasty pasta pockets (7 ltrs.)
S-H: Slender, graceful young woman (5 ltrs.)
T-G: Jack Nicholson horror flick of 1980 (2 wds.)
U-F: Trick-or-treat org.; 1965 Peace Prize winner (6 ltrs.)
V-E: Prolix, wordy, talky, loquacious, like this clue (7 ltrs.)
W-D: Marsh, swamp, cattail locale (7 ltrs.)
X-C: Prejudiced; hostile to foreign things or people (10 ltrs.)
Y-B: Colorful taxi company (2 wds.)
Z-A: African equid (5 ltrs.)

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