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QUIZ: Can you name the longest Greek-alphabet words hiding in these sentences?

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'Was she mad? Oh yeah. She read me the riot act!'
Headline: 'Seahawks win home game, to play 49ers.'
Nautically, 'prize-taking' is the capture of an enemy ship at sea.
True or false: Alphabet soup doesn't have a Q.
The minotaur, a mythical monster, was slain by Theseus.
The Dean-Stark apparatus is used in chemistry to collect water from a reactor.
'It's a long shot,' said the sniper, 'but don't bet against it.'
The drill sergeant was tough. 'Quit bellyaching!' he bellowed.
The cat-o'-nine-tails is a type of whip.
An amalgam made with mercury is still used by some dentists.
'I can't believe it--he drank me under the table!'
'I love mint juleps. I long for Derby days,' Alice said. (2)
My favorite fictional curmudgeon? That would have to be Professor Kingsley of 'The Paper Chase.'
'Don't be so inflexible!' said the bendy-straw to the I-beam.
The city of Pasig, Manila, has a lot of skyscrapers.
A statue of Andy Warhol stands (actually, sits) in Bratislava, Slovakia.
'Eaves-dropping is such fun!' said the icicle.
'Go! No Fodder,' the farm sign said. 'Closed Up. Silo Not Working.'
'Hip-hip-hooray!' yelled the bouncy cheerleaders.
'Don't knuckle under,' said the boxing trainer.
'I specialize in subatomic rondures,' said the artist, 'and it ain't easy. They travel in very small circles.'
Santa Ana del Tachira, founded in 1860, is a town in Venezuela.
The English essayist Charles Lamb dared to 'deride the contemporary fascination with nature and the countryside,' says Wikipedia.

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