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Can you name the words and phrases that contain the letters L-I-G-H-T (in that order, but not consecutively)?

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Hand-powered projectile weapon
Arthur Miller or Eugene O'Neill, e.g.
One skilled in decorative penmanship
Legerdemain (3 wds.)
Boxer who weighs up to 147 pounds
U.S. senator who funded scholarships
1981 horror flick with Linda Blair
It's in the English Channel; home to Tennyson (3 wds.)
Bedroom game? (2 wds.)
Beat poet Lawrence
Period of economizing (hyph.)
1959 British film comedy with Peter Sellers (4 wds.)
Visual aid mounted on a firearm (2 wds.)
'Eine kleine nachtmusik,' in English (4 wds.)
A meaning of mens rea, in law (2 wds.)
Idiom that means 'No matter what!' (5 wds.)
'Hang on! Don't let go!' (2 wds.)
Like water before tea is poured (2 wds.)
Infinity symbol or aerobatic maneuver (2 wds.)

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