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Can you decipher the actual products sold online from the stuff I just made up?

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Product(R) for Real (F) for Fake
A pill that allows you to poop glitter
A squirrel locator
Bacon-scented mustaches
A chicken themed bottle stopper
Microbe stuffed toys
A pancreas shaped gummy
A coloring book full of aliens farting
An inflatable eyeball
A Bob Ross Chia Pet
An eggplant umbrella
A statue of a sloth made out of money
A turkey locator
Product(R) for Real (F) for Fake
An English to raccoon translator
Alcohol-free Vodka
A donkey face mask
A hot dog slicer
Justin Bieber themed duct tape
Sprite flavored Chapstick
A book containing posts from Reddit
A food cage for your fridge
Gloves that allow you to peel potatoes
Corn-free cornstarch
A chemical that allows you to change the color of a marker
A teleportation device

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