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HintPet Name
Your somewhat rude male cat who never meows or purrs but loves to show his teeth
Historically accurate for naming a male cat and your fellow Hamilton fans will know why!
Your small, bratty, male dog who often makes you mad and likes tea
Your male dog that isn't from your state/country but is a loyal protector just the same.
Your female dog who likes to um, roll around on other dogs
Your sickly male cat who has a hip problem
Your male dog who gets along with your ex better than you
Your female cat who says no to that structure thingy you bought her at Marshalls and instead sleeps in a cardboard box.
Your strong male dog who always seems to lead you on the leash when you two go out for a walk
HintPet Name
Your female cat who never purrs, as almost as she is *unsatisfied* with your work
Your male dog who is the reason your sickly cat has the hip problem
Your cat who is somehow attempting to convince you that that thing you said no to might be good
Your dog who keeps letting you know whenever someone around you is plotting against you, somehow
Your very haughty dog who wags his tail when he sees the French flag
Your smaller dog who is your very haughty dog's sidekick
Your dog who you like A LOT, and is a great companion
Your female dog who *confides in you* (like show you where she hid that bone). Other than that you don't see her much.

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