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Forced Order
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Ooooohhhh, the _______
Biggest dick in the house
Only prudent way to settle an argument
The meal deal championed by Andy
Feds' most triumphant steal
Pat's favorite adjective
Take hit, run down end of hall, do a dance, blow out smoke
The most innovative game in the last century
What you yell when you must interrupt this game
Hey! Hey! Hey Hey Hey Hey!
Wednesday 10pm
Classic activity during number 11
It'll calm you down!
Shape of Victor's head
Worst spot on the frisbee field
Only level in Mario Kart
Andy's favorite Kart driver
Using a lightning when another player has a star going
Name of Pat's ill-fated bong
Who broke this bong?
The most accurate description of pizza (according to dead brothers)
Last team participant in Relay
Where the **** is Victor? He's such a _________
Hugo's final resting place
It's not like it was me... or my ______
'Oooohhh loooiiii, your puuuuusssyyy'
Where is Dan Landino currently located?
Who unclogged the toilet after the Phantom **** struck?
The Grey way to drink a beer
da bella
pre-graduation activity
jwu punch
Bitch Cup penalty
Our biggest party
What does Pat Finan want to know?
I want you to...
Whose cars got stolen?
Never smokes anyone up
Fat **** pig
The Grey house's feminist activist
Frequent Thursday visitor
Tori's dream man
'Of course I'm coming back before saturday lol'
Chicken feet perpetrator
Best person to have on your side during a fight
Puts on 20 minute Phish songs at Old's
How many times in a row did christine text Victor?
To obtain a small sample of someone else's goods
Your friendly prescription drug salesman
Physiological result brought on by a miami detective/serial killer
What is Nick G doing right now?
The only type of word composition ever written
Which highly dangerous party entertainment activity did we adopt at the beginning of second semester?
What was retrieved in Norwood, MA?
Ben's favorite town
Who was the door-carder extraordinaire?
Which chinese restaurant's advertising campaign was thwarted by Lois?
Should we get a keg?

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