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Who is the author?
Which faction values peace and kindness?
Which faction values honesty?
What is Four's real name?
Why is Four called Four?
What is Tris' real name?
What is Tris' brother called?
What are the names of Tris' parents?
What are the names of Four's parents?
Who stabbed Edward in the eye?
Who is Robert's sister?
Which faction did Robert transfer to?
Who shot Will?
What is Will's sister called?
Who stabbed Eric?
Who shot Eric?
Which faction has the most Divergents in it?
In which book did Tris cut her hair?
Who is the Erudite leader?
Who used to be a tattoo artist, but is now a leader of Dauntless?
What faction puts laxatives in their bread?
Who is Uriah's brother?
Who is Matthew's assistant?
What is the opposite of a GD (Genetically Damaged)?
Who saves David from being shot by Nita?
Who causes Uriah's death?
Who was supposed to face the death serum?
Who tells Four that Tris is dead?
Who kills Tris?
What does Four do with Tris' ashes?

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