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Many racers use this type of bearing due to it's low likelyhood to seize up or rust
A material often added to decks to add strength, snap and scratch resistance
These rubber or plastic objects are placed between the trucks and the deck to prevent wheelbite or add leverage for turning
The stance a racer uses to become more stable and aerodynamic
The distance on a deck between the inner mounting holes is known as the
These rubber or plastic objects are placed between the trucks and the deck to increase or decrease the turn and lean of the trucks
Pieces of a stonger material layed lenth-wise within a deck are called
When the trucks are mounted hanging through the deck it is called
Wheels meant to grip usually have these kind of lips
A type of concave that is found on many drop decks
Boards with kicktails or drops create foot cradling areas called
Decks with lots of flex are not popular for this type of riding
Rating for how hard wheels and bushings are
Boards mounted this way are known to have less stability at speeds, but offer more leverage in turns and greater control all around
Wheels meant to drift or slide often have these kind of lips

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