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Can you name the U.S. History- Constitution through War of 1812?

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What is the BEST word to describe the Articles of Confederation?
Under the Articles of Confederation, the ______ of ______ was negotiated, ending the Revolutionary War.
The Articles of Confederation were revised after __________ Rebellion.
The issue of representation was settled with a __________ legislature.
Slaves counted as population was resolved by this compromise
This kept the U.S. out of European wars and conflicts.
The ________ __ __________ was NOT resolved by the Constitution.
This person would think the Constitution needed a bill of rights.
The greatest strength of the Constitution is that it can be __________.
Free speech is protected under this amendment.
One branch of government can't become too powerful because of this.
Branch- President
Branch- Congress
Branch- Supreme Court
Plan- each state has equal representation in Congress.
Wrote 'Two Treatises of Government'
Federalists passed these acts to protect the government from its critics.
Case that established the power of judicial review.
'American merchants can no longer trade with foreign nations'
Wanted a war with England in 1812.
Star Spangled Banner was written by (last name) at this location.
Treaty where both sides agreed to return things to the way they were before the war.
Term- British forcing American sailors to serve on their ships.
This is the source of the governments power.
Plan- representation is based on state population.
Each branch of government can only do certain things and not others.
Under the Articles of Confedration, the ___________ had most of the power.
The Bill of Rights contains the first ____ ___________.
This branch of government is not involved in the creation of laws.

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