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Involved the seekers of gold coming to California during the late 1840s, looking to capitalize on sudden wealth.
Are those negative factors that force people to leave one area for another
Was an American engineer and inventor, who built the first commercially successful full-sized steamboat
A formal agreement between two or more sovereign states.
An American soldier and friend of Meriwether Lewis, who was invited to explore the Louisiana Purchase.
Enabled the rapid growth in the speed and convenience of transportation during the nineteenth century.
Powers delegated to the national government simply because it is the national government
A mid-nineteenth century belief in the inevitability of the United States expansion to the Pacific Ocean.
To incorporate into a country or other territory within the domain of another nation or state.
An artificial waterway for navigation or for draining or irrigating land.
Allowed the United States to obtain land from Mexico, in what is today the southern portion of Arizona and New Mexico.
Powers directly stated in the Constitution,
To turn over, to yield to another.
An American artist and inventor, who applied discoveries in electricity and magnetism to develop the telegraph which enabled faster-paced trans-continental communication.
Those positive factors that draw people to leave one area for another;
Also known as the Mexican Cession, officially ended the Mexican American War and forced Mexico to turn over much of its northern territory to the United States
An African American guide who assisted Lewis and Clark as they explored the Louisiana Territory.
Powers that are delegated to the national government that are suggested by the “necessary and proper”
Purchased by Jefferson, all land from the Mississippi to the Rockies
A former army captain selected by President Jefferson to explore the Louisiana Purchase territory

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