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Unit 5- Causes of the Civil War

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Loyalty to your region above all else
Party that opposed the spread of slavery
People acting on emotion rather than reason
Court case allowing slavery in all the territories
Europe to Africa to America to Europe...
Terrible journey the slave took from Africa to the Americas
Giving something up to get something
Inventor of the Cotton Gin
Place where slaves are sold and bought
William Lloyd Garrison anti-slavery newspaper
Writer of Uncle Tom's Cabin
Term that means a slave owner voluntarily frees his slaves
Name for an individual who fought to end slavery
Slavery permitted south of Missouri
Lincoln's famous speech about keeping the country together
Most famous conductor of the Underground Railroad
Voters in a territory decided whether or not to allow slavery
Missouri became a slave state, ________ became a free state
California became a free state
Compromise 1850, _________ outlawed slave trade
Violent result of the Kansas/Nebraska Act
Case allowing slavery in all territories. Angered Northerners.
'A house divided can not _________'
Nickname for the South during the war

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