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Definition of TermTerm
Branch that makes laws
Branch- the President and his cabinet
Branch- determines if an issue is constitutional
Term stating how each branch watches the other two
What is the BEST word to describe the Articles of Confederation
This issue was NOT resolved by the Constitution
Judicial- number article in the Constitution
Legislative- number article in the Constitution
Executive- number article in the Constitution
Definition of TermTerm
First 10 amendments
Can veto bills
Listens to cases involving interpretation of the Constitution
The ________amendment- right to bear arms
Anti-Federalists said the Constitution needed a _______________
The ________ amendment- no cruel and unusual punishment
The idea that no one branch can control the government
Current number of U.S. senators
Current number of delegates in the House of Representatives
Definition of TermTerm
Name for a two-house legislature
Compromise on slaves counted as population
Claimed a Bill of Rights needed to be added to the Constitution
The greatest strength of the Constitution is that it can be ___________
Author of 'Two Treatises of Government'
After a bill is introduced in the House/Senate, it goes to _____________
The President can either sign a bill or _______ it.
If Congressmen can not agree, they must ___________

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