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The Civil War

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First land battle of the war.
Union General who marched from Atlanta to the sea.
Leader of the Union forces.
Leader of the Confederate forces.
President of the Confederate States of America.
President of the United States of America
First battle of the Civil War.
All African American fighting unit. The 54th _____________.
Bloodiest single day of the war.
Bloodiest battle of the war.
Names of the two ironclad ships
Turning point of the war in the South. Confederacy loses the MIssissisppi
Major turning point of the war in the North.
Location where Lee surrendered to Grant.
Main cause of death during the war.
Battle that kept Europe from supporting the Confederacy.
Man who assassinated Lincoln.
The battle of the ironclads took place in the ocean off of ____________
Short name for the Confederate States of America
Short name for the United States of America

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