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Forced Order
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The Streets
All these walls were really never here
You're growing thumbs, I'm growing numb
If you don't like what's going down, You need to change something round
I'm miles ahead and they chase me
Hope you coped yesterday, cos I felt well damn grim
Lock on to 102.6 the streets Kronenburg double doves and herbs actions speak louder than words
You're not playing at hard to get, You're playing at not getting a hard-on yet
The cheapest throwaway shades are my deepest stowaway aids
I came to this world with nothing, And I leave with nothing but love
I heard one too many lies And I’ve gambled on too many bets
The Streets
'**** you playing at?' he looks like a cheshire cat, almost falls down
Oh this is a crock of **** I lost the **** thing, oh here it is in my pocket
The rock and roll clich walked in and then smacked me
He said I lay there once at the edge of the rock
Its not earth that's in trouble, Its the people who live on it
Are you smoking crack or something?
I looked at your status, 'In a relationship'
I see Alice in Wonderland, I see malice in Sunderland
Twenty Quid for Blues to thrash the Reds
Try and be a free man and grasp that talisman, Cos your the same as I am...
The Streets
How the hell am I supposed to be able to do a line in front of complete strangers
But is it who dares wins, or only who knows goes Frank Bruno's nose has seen too many blows
But remember I'm just spittin', Remember I'm just spittin' Once bitten, forever smitten
I'll never give in till you're laying with me, you may as well tell me when that day will be
I look down the back of the TV and thats where it was, in all its glory - my thousand quid.
And again he winced as he flipped the coin and it twirled to his feet
Hmm, brandy or beer? Waters a good idea
Get a nice dog that doesn't bark but not nice that someone might miss that mutt from the park
I never cared about God when life was sailing in the calm, So I said I'd get my head down and I'd deal with the ache in my heart,
Eh hello. my names tim and I'm a criminal,

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