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Can you name the breeds tested on the VETM*3400 midterm from clues about their use?

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ClueBreedSpecies/Primary Purpose
The successful traits include high carcass quality, virile, aggressive boars and sows with excellent milking ability, large litter sizes and strong, vigorous piglets.Swine/Sow
Good carcass quality due to muscling. They are often crossed with a Duroc to produce an F1 boar line.Swine/Meat (Boar)
Well known for its mothering ability, longevity and prolific reproduction. Boars are dependable breeders. Good average daily gain, feed conversion and leanness.Swine/Sow
Solid red animals. Good carcass characteristics and feed efficiency. Strong feet and legs, a good choice for outdoor housing slatted floors. Commonly used as a terminal sire.Swine/Meat (Boar)
Originated in Switzerland. They are white or cream in colour. Known for high milk production. The ears are erect and carried forward. The face is dished.Goat/Dairy
Developed by crossing British goats with African or Indian ones. Dual purpose breed, mostly used for meat. Large goat with long, pendulous ears, come in any colour or pattern.Goat/Mixed
Oldest known dairy goat breed, originated in Switzerland. Solid brown with white marking on ears, face, and legs. The ears are erect and carried forward. The face is dished.Goat/Dairy
Originated in France. Larger than most dairy breeds, but their size is highly variable. Any colour or pattern. Ears are usually erect. Both sexes are generally short haired.Goat/Dairy
ClueBreedSpecies/Primary Purpose
Originated in Spain. Most easily identified by its extremely short ears. Can be any colour or combination of colours. Good temperament, milk production and high butterfat.Goat/Dairy
Used as a terminal sire. The lambs are fast growing and have good carcass quality. Have black faces and black legs.Sheep/Meat
Composite breed developed in Canada. There are 4 different types.Sheep/Meat
Good maternal breed. They can raise multiple lambs, are good milkers, good mothers and often breed naturally out of season.Sheep/Meat
Most common laying bird in North America. A light breed, they are not considered a usable meat bird.Chicken/Laying
Most common meat bird in North America. Originally a hybrid of Plymouth Rock and Cornish Hen species, it now monopolizes the broiler market.Chicken/Meat
Typically a laying bird used to produce brown eggs, favoured by some consumers. Can be used for meat, and is common in backyard flocks.Chicken/Mixed

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