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Can you name the Wizards of Waverly Place spells?

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Crazy 10 Minute SaleDuplicates an object or a person.
First KissRewinds time for a few seconds.
Disenchanted EveningCreates a plate of hot pancakes.
Disnechanted EveningTeleports the caster to another planet.
Curb Your DragonTransforms a target into an animal.
Curb Your DragonTransforms the caster back into a human.
Pop Me and We Both Go DownBrings an inanimate object to life.
Pop Me and We Both Go DownUnanimates a magically animated object.
Potion CommotionLevitates a container of liquid.
Wizard School Part 1Magically sends mail to someone.
Wizard School Part 2Prevents someone from quitting something.
The Supernatural Moves an object back and forth.
The SupernaturalErases a target's memory.
Alex in the MiddleZaps a sweater onto the caster's body.
Alex in the MiddleMakes others' heads spin completely around.
Alex in the MiddleDrains a room that's filled with water.
Alex in the MiddleTurns people from sea chimps back into humans.
Alex in the MiddleAllows the caster to travel three feet in any direction.
Credit CheckFreezes time for as long as the caster can hop on one leg.
Alex's Spring FlingBrings an object to life and enlarges it simultaneously.
QuinceaƱeraAllows the caster to switch bodies with someone else.
Art Museum PieceAllows the caster to walk through solid objects.
Graphic NovelTeleports the caster into or out of a book.
Graphic NovelTurns a book into mustard.
Alex's Brother, MaximanAllows a target to walk up walls.
Harper KnowsDisguises the caster as someone else.
Art TeacherWraps a target up in chains.
Art TeacherTransforms the caster into an animal.
Hugh's Not NormousReturns a magically altered room to its normal size.
Family Game NightSwitches the hair styles of the caster and a target.
Family Game NightReturns mixed up voices to their original bodies.
Wizard for a DayAllows the caster to wish for anything while wearing Merlin's hat.
Monster HunterCauses an object to sprout legs and run away.
A Night at the LazeramaShows the caster something of interest to them when cast on a picture frame.
The Good, the Bad, and the AlexReleases a target that's trapped behind a barrier.
Alex Russo: Matchmaker?Causes something like a candle to be lit on fire.
Delinquent JustinRecovers a target's lost memories.

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