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Can you name the different segments that are seen on Disney Channel's Win, Lose or Draw?

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Two players work on a single drawing that constantly swoops between screens while the third player guesses what is being drawn.Both teams
One player engages in three different challenges designed to make it difficult to draw while the other two players try to guess what they're drawing.Both teams
One player draws a word or phrase that has been left out of a sentence while the other two players guess what's missing by identifying the drawing.Both teams
One player faces the audience and draws in midair. The other three players can see what is being drawn, but the single player cannot.Leading team
One player sits on a rotating seat and tries to draw on a stationary screen while the other three players guess what they're drawing.Leading team
One player's drawing continually swoops to a different screen and they must chase it down to continue drawing while the other three players guess what it is.Leading team

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