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Can you name the Draw-Obstacle Course challenges that are seen on Disney Channel's Win, Lose or Draw?

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Players' drawings disappear every few seconds, forcing them to start over.
Players must draw while wearing specialized glasses that make everything look distorted and confusing.
If players move their finger off the screen while drawing, the entire drawing disappears and they must start over.
Players must wear a mask over their face that prevents them from seeing anything while they're drawing.
Players must draw with a stylus attached to the end of a pool noodle.
Players must stand on a vibrating platform that causes them to shake and makes it hard to draw.
Players must put on headgear with a stylus attached to the end and draw.
The screen constantly rotates as players draw on it, making it harder to draw.
Players must draw with a random obscure object, such as a traffic cone, a mannequin arm, or a rubber hot dog.
Players must draw with an abnormally large pen-shaped stylus.
While drawing, players must stand on a small platform and balance to prevent the platform from making an annoying beeping noise.

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