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Can you name every Water-type Pokémon by its category name?

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CategoryPokémonNational Pokédex Number
Caring Pokémon594
Water Bubble Pokémon752
Alpha Pokémon493
Aqua Rabbit Pokémon184
Collective Pokémon689
Whiskers Pokémon339
Hostile Pokémon550
Beaver Pokémon400
Two-Handed Pokémon688
Shellfish Pokémon009
Pop Star Pokémon729
Gnash Teeth Pokémon779
Sea Weasel Pokémon418
Prototurtle Pokémon565
Savage Pokémon318
Weather Pokémon351
Angler Pokémon170
Bivalve Pokémon366
Water Gun Pokémon692
Howitzer Pokémon693
Bivalve Pokémon091
Ruffian Pokémon341
Coral Pokémon222
Rogue Pokémon342
Big Jaw Pokémon159
Sea Lion Pokémon087
Discipline Pokémon502
Water Bubble Pokémon751
Water Bird Pokémon580
Emperor Pokémon395
Fish Pokémon349
Big Jaw Pokémon160
Wing Fish Pokémon456
Sea Weasel Pokémon419
Floating Pokémon592
Bubble Frog Pokémon656
Bubble Frog Pokémon657
Sea Slug Pokémon423
Goldfish Pokémon118
Duck Pokémon055
Hard Scale Pokémon768
South Sea Pokémon368
Ninja Pokémon658
Atrocious Pokémon130
Dragon Pokémon116
Deep Sea Pokémon367
Floating Pokémon593
Shellfish Pokémon140
Shellfish Pokémon141
Colt Pokémon647
Dragon Pokémon230
Pincer Pokémon099
River Crab Pokémon098
Sea Basin Pokémon382
Light Pokémon171
Transport Pokémon131
Jolly Pokémon271
Water Weed Pokémon270
Carefree Pokémon272
Neon Pokémon457
Rendezvous Pokémon370
Fish Pokémon129
Seafaring Pokémon490
Kite Pokémon226
Kite Pokémon458
Brutal Star Pokémon747
Aqua Mouse Pokémon183
Mud Fish Pokémon259
Tender Pokémon350
Mud Fish Pokémon258
Jet Pokémon224
Spiral Pokémon138
Spiral Pokémon139
Sea Otter Pokémon501
Spatial Pokémon484
Vibration Pokémon536
Spray Pokémon515
Water Bird Pokémon279
Sea Drifter Pokémon489
Penguin Pokémon393
Frog Pokémon186
Tadpole Pokémon060
Tadpole Pokémon061
Tadpole Pokémon062
Sea Lion Pokémon728
Soloist Pokémon730
Penguin Pokémon394
Duck Pokémon054
Sea Cucumber Pokémon771
Water Fish Pokémon195
Balloon Pokémon211
Longevity Pokémon369
Jet Pokémon223
Plasma Pokémon479
Formidable Pokémon503
Dragon Pokémon117
Goldfish Pokémon119
Ball Roll Pokémon364
Sea Lion Pokémon086
Vibration Pokémon537
Brutal Pokémon319
Bivalve Pokémon090
Sea Slug Pokémon422
Synthetic Pokémon773
Geyser Pokémon516
Mock Kelp Pokémon690
Hermit Crab Pokémon080
Royal Pokémon199
Dopey Pokémon079
Clap Pokémon363
Tiny Turtle Pokémon007
Mysterious Pokémon121
Star Shape Pokémon120
Aurora Pokémon245
Pond Skater Pokémon283
Mud Fish Pokémon260
White Bird Pokémon581
Land Spirit Pokémon788
Jellyfish Pokémon072
Jellyfish Pokémon073
Prototurtle Pokémon564
Big Jaw Pokémon158
Brutal Star Pokémon748
Tadpole Pokémon535
Bubble Jet Pokémon134
Steam Pokémon721
Ball Whale Pokémon320
Float Whale Pokémon321
Ice Break Pokémon365
Turtle Pokémon008
Whiskers Pokémon340
Turn Tail Pokémon767
Seagull Pokémon278
Small Fry Pokémon746
Water Fish Pokémon194

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