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Can you name every Steel-type Pokémon by its category name?

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CategoryPokémonNational Pokédex Number
Royal Sword Pokémon681
Iron Armor Pokémon306
Alpha Pokémon493
Iron Armor Pokémon304
Shield Pokémon411
Iron Ball Pokémon374
Sword Blade Pokémon625
Bronze Bell Pokémon437
Bronze Pokémon436
Launch Pokémon797
Iron Will Pokémon638
Temporal Pokémon483
Mole Pokémon050
Sword Pokémon680
Mole Pokémon051
Iron Ant Pokémon632
Emperor Pokémon395
Cavalry Pokémon589
Subterrene Pokémon530
Thorn Seed Pokémon597
Thorn Pod Pokémon598
Bagworm Pokémon205
Paleozoic Pokémon649
Lava Dome Pokémon485
Sword Pokémon679
Wish Pokémon385
Drawn Sword Pokémon798
Gear Pokémon600
Key Ring Pokémon707
Gear Pokémon599
Gear Pokémon601
Iron Armor Pokémon305
Aura Pokémon448
Artificial Pokémon801
Magnet Pokémon081
Magnet Pokémon082
Magnet Area Pokémon462
Deceiver Pokémon303
Iron Leg Pokémon376
Iron Claw Pokémon375
Sharp Blade Pokémon624
Compass Pokémon476
Iron Pokémon379
Mouse Pokémon027
Mouse Pokémon028
Pincer Pokémon212
Shield Pokémon410
Synthetic Pokémon773
Armor Bird Pokémon227
Sunne Pokémon791
Iron Snake Pokémon208
Roly-Poly Pokémon777
Bagworm Pokémon413

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