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Can you name the levels that appear in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2?

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TerraceA system of small planetoids linked together by several Launch Stars.
TerraceThe first place where Mario encounters the Bee Mushroom.
TerraceMario must run around the planet in this galaxy to change its color.
TerraceA galaxy where talking penguins surf on the backs of manta rays.
TerraceThis is where Bowser Jr. keeps a giant three-legged robot.
TerraceA galaxy that is made up of many different giant desserts.
FountainComposed of discarded debris pulled together by gravity.
FountainA fortified attack platform built into a massive asteroid.
FountainA sunny golf course galaxy hanging in the middle of the cosmos.
FountainA galaxy with planetoids comprised of numerous collapsing platforms.
FountainA strange castle in the cosmos that leads across deep space.
FountainDeep-space obstacle course that Mario must navigate to reach the star.
KitchenA large bowl-shaped beach galaxy full of talking penguins.
KitchenA creepy galaxy haunted by restless spirits and boulder monsters.
KitchenGurgles with a poisonous sludge swamp that nobody dares set foot in.
KitchenA giant tower looming above a deep pool of water.
KitchenA large fleet of airships floating at the edge of the cosmos.
KitchenA mysterious planetoid shaped like a perfect sphere of water.
BedroomA collection of vibrant, grassy planetoids connected by fierce winds.
BedroomFrozen solid on one side and searing hot with molten lava on the other.
BedroomMany secrets are choked beneath the sun-scorched sands of this galaxy.
BedroomOnly Bee Mario can climb the giant walls covered with sticky honeycombs in this galaxy.
BedroomHere Bowser is tinkering with even more menacing machines that could destroy the universe.
BedroomAn old penguin has made his home here in a giant whale-shaped planetoid.
Engine RoomLooks remarkably like the Honeyhive Galaxy at the onset of autumn.
Engine RoomA huge watery ring floating in space, peacefully inhabited by penguins.
Engine RoomA galaxy alive with bright colors and sugary sweets.
Engine RoomA dark and foreboding corner of the universe where few people dare to tread.
Engine RoomHere Bowser Jr. tries to stop Mario by using the lava dwelling monster King Kaliente.
Engine RoomA short and sweet galaxy that gives Mario a choice between the Boo and Bee suits.
GardenA creepy landscape that's swallowed many ships, dragging them down to the murky depths.
GardenA massive system of floating platforms and orbital weapons that Mario must infiltrate.
GardenA planetary system comprised entirely of fire and brimstone.
GardenDisappears and reappears as balls of mass are tossed back and forth.
GardenA playful and snowy paradise for a trio of star bunnies.
Comet ObservatoryThe first level the player is introduced to at the beginning of the game.
Comet ObservatoryHere Mario faces a rematch with the ''Spooky Speedster''.
Comet ObservatoryThe Comet Observatory can travel here after Mario recovers 60 power stars.
Planet of TrialsA two-part obstacle course that tests Mario's piloting skills.
Planet of TrialsAn even more elaborate course where the penguins enjoy more advanced ray surfing.
Planet of TrialsA toy-filled obstacle course that Mario has to roll a sphere through to get the star.
Planet of TrialsCan only be unlocked after completing the game with Mario and Luigi.
World 1A galaxy composed of several small planetoids and a massive battle station.
World 1Where Mario first meets Yoshi on his travels across the cosmos.
World 1The first place where Mario discovers the Spin Drill.
World 1A galaxy that introduces the Cloud Flower, which turns Mario into Cloud Mario.
World 1Here, each spin flips platforms back and forth, eliminating old paths while creating new ones.
World 1The first galaxy that introduces multiple flipping gravity fields.
World 1A fiery fortress where Bowser Jr. holds the first Grand Star.
World 2A system of wooden blocks and boards, infested by buzz saws and mandibugs.
World 2This galaxy shoots into the sky, promising incredible rewards to heroes without a fear of heights.
World 2A galactic quarry where Mario first discovers the Rock Mushroom.
World 2Splash down in this galaxy to swim with the penguins and discover a series of Power Stars.
World 2A galaxy that's home to Fluzzard, a shy but speedy bird.
World 2The first place where Mario discovers the Bee Mushroom.
World 2Bowser has set up his front line of defenses at the edge of this galaxy.
World 3A galaxy that grows a fun fruit: the Blimp Fruit, which gives Yoshi the power of flight.
World 3Mario will jump across cymbal-shaped planetoids and ride wind currents across empty space in this galaxy.
World 3This creepy galaxy is where Mario first harvests the Bulb Berry.
World 3Shivers and chills abound in this frozen corner of space.
World 3When Mario lands in this artful galaxy, he is immediately given the Power Star, but it's locked inside a sphere.
World 3Mario has to jump to the beat in this musical galaxy.
World 3Here Bowser Jr. has a mighty pirate fleet which he unleashes to slow Mario down.
World 4Composed of planets and enemies from previous adventures, but everything has been gigantic-sized.
World 4A galaxy that has fun with the pull of gravity, where Mario must use grates to flip back and forth between the sides of the planets.
World 4A galaxy that looks like a wonderful place to vacation.
World 4A galaxy out in deep space where Chomps just roll off an assembly line.
World 4Mario will indulge his sweet tooth in this galaxy made of cookies and cakes.
World 4The Queen Bee holds court high above this galaxy.
World 4Bowser lurks here, perfecting his schemes in the heart of his flying castle.
World 5This galaxy is a collection of derelict battle stations and Pull Stars.
World 5This parched galaxy is a dangerous desert loaded with challenges like a giant sand slide and rolling Rhomps.
World 5A system of polar opposites: one second it's a lava lake, the next it's a glassy sheet of ice.
World 5This haunted galaxy is home to a whole host of Boos.
World 5A funhouse of gravity, where down is up and up is down.
World 5While clutching Fluzzard's talons, Mario must soar to the finish line of this galaxy.
World 5Here, Mario has to fight his way to Bowser Jr.'s last stand and defeat his latest invention, the Boomsday Machine.
World 6Magmaws and Magmaarghs erupt from the lava-soaked worlds of this galaxy.
World 6A galaxy where Mario must dive into empty holes to avoid getting smashed by rolling wheels.
World 6Longtime Mario fans will recognize this galaxy - it's the pyramid from Super Mario 64.
World 6A series of planets, all infested with enemies from previous galaxies.
World 6Darkness reigns in this spooky galaxy, but every few seconds, lightning crackles across the sky.
World 6Mario has to grab a shell and dive into this underwater obstacle course.
World 6If Mario can survive the trap-loaded defenses and Magmaargh minions here, Bowser will challenge him to a final showdown.
World SA galaxy that's shaped like classic Mario from his 8-bit adventures.
World SA galaxy modeled after one of Mario's favorite karting tracks.
World SThe planets in this galaxy are spinning blocks that never slow down.
World SA galaxy that features an extremely tough planet from Super Mario Galaxy.
World SThis galaxy is a rogue's gallery of bosses from the first Super Mario Galaxy.
World SIn this galaxy, Mario must spin to swap colorful blocks, creating a series of walls to jump up.
World SPrecise jumping, perfect landings, and smart use of power-ups are required to reach the end of this galaxy.

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