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Can you name every Psychic-type Pokémon by its category name?

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CategoryPokémonNational Pokédex Number
Psi Pokémon063
Psi Pokémon065
Alpha Pokémon493
Willpower Pokémon482
Clay Doll Pokémon343
Cerebral Pokémon606
Iron Ball Pokémon374
Bronze Bell Pokémon437
Bronze Pokémon436
Gnash Teeth Pokémon779
Time Travel Pokémon251
Wind Chime Pokémon358
Bell Pokémon433
Clay Doll Pokémon344
Protostar Pokémon790
Nebula Pokémon789
Lunar Pokémon488
Blazing Pokémon555
Fox Pokémon655
DNA Pokémon386
Hypnosis Pokémon096
Mitosis Pokémon578
Cerebral Pokémon605
Sun Pokémon196
Restraint Pokémon677
Egg Pokémon102
Coconut Pokémon103
Blade Pokémon475
Embrace Pokémon282
Long Neck Pokémon203
Fixation Pokémon574
Astral Body Pokémon576
Manipulate Pokémon575
Manipulate Pokémon326
Mischief Pokémon / Djinn Pokémon720
Hypnosis Pokémon097
Revolving Pokémon686
Wish Pokémon385
Human Shape Pokémon124
Psi Pokémon064
Emotion Pokémon281
Eon Pokémon380
Eon Pokémon381
Diving Pokémon249
Moone Pokémon792
Meteorite Pokémon337
Overturning Pokémon687
Meditate Pokémon308
Meditate Pokémon307
Melody Pokémon648
Constraint Pokémon678
Emotion Pokémon481
Iron Leg Pokémon376
Iron Claw Pokémon375
New Species Pokémon151
Genetic Pokémon150
Mime Pokémon439
Barrier Pokémon122
Dream Eater Pokémon517
Drowsing Pokémon518
Tiny Bird Pokémon177
Prism Pokémon800
Sage Pokémon765
Dancing Pokémon741
Mouse Pokémon026
Feeling Pokémon280
Multiplying Pokémon579
Avianoid Pokémon561
Synthetic Pokémon773
Hermit Crab Pokémon080
Royal Pokémon199
Dopey Pokémon079
Kiss Pokémon238
Sunne Pokémon791
Cell Pokémon577
Meteorite Pokémon338
Bounce Pokémon325
Mysterious Pokémon121
Courting Pokémon528
Land Spirit Pokémon786
Symbol Pokémon201
Knowledge Pokémon480
Victory Pokémon494
Patient Pokémon202
Bat Pokémon527
Bright Pokémon360
Mystic Pokémon178

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