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Can you name every location found in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness by its in-game description?

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A lush green town of senior citizens. There is a relic honoring Celebi here.
A dark and damp Poké Spot where wild Pokémon appear.
The Shadow Pokémon factory that was wrecked by Michael.
The lab used by the reactivated Cipher for developing XD001.
A volcanic island ringed by magma.
A lively seaport with active trade. Loitering sailors are a common sight.
The peculiar manor that is home to the eccentric scientist Dr. Kaminko.
A place for Pokémon battle training that is always open to trainers.
A lush, oasis-like Poké Spot where wild Pokémon appear.
A colosseum in the desert that is known only among the elite.
A lonely gas station in the desert. Travelers stop by on their journeys.
A gorgeous city in the desert that overflows with bounteous water.
The Orre region's top research lab that studies Pokémon comprehensively.
A noble town of rogues and ruffians. The Cipher-fighting ONBS is here.
An immense, members-only tower that is jam-packed with entertainment.
A rough and rocky Poké Spot where wild Pokémon appear.
The missing Pokémon cargo ship. Did Cipher transport it here?
The base where Team Snagem dreams of regaining its former glory.

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