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Can you name every Poison-type Pokémon by its category name?

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CategoryPokémonNational Pokédex Number
Mushroom Pokémon591
Cobra Pokémon024
Alpha Pokémon493
Long Leg Pokémon168
Poison Bee Pokémon015
Flower Pokémon069
Bud Pokémon406
Seed Pokémon001
Toxic Mouth Pokémon453
Bat Pokémon169
Mock Kelp Pokémon691
Ogre Scorpion Pokémon452
Poison Moth Pokémon269
Snake Pokémon023
Mushroom Pokémon590
Trash Heap Pokémon569
Gas Pokémon092
Shadow Pokémon094
Weed Pokémon044
Bat Pokémon042
Sludge Pokémon088
Stomach Pokémon316
Gas Pokémon093
Seed Pokémon002
Cocoon Pokémon014
Poison Gas Pokémon109
Brutal Star Pokémon747
Sludge Pokémon089
Poison Pin Pokémon804
Drill Pokémon034
Drill Pokémon031
Poison Pin Pokémon029
Poison Pin Pokémon032
Poison Pin Pokémon030
Poison Pin Pokémon033
Parasite Pokémon793
Weed Pokémon043
Poison Pin Pokémon803
Balloon Pokémon211
Thorn Pokémon315
Bouquet Pokémon407
Toxic Lizard Pokémon757
Toxic Lizard Pokémon758
Megapede Pokémon545
Fang Snake Pokémon336
Synthetic Pokémon773
Scorpion Pokémon451
Mock Kelp Pokémon690
Skunk Pokémon435
String Spit Pokémon167
Skunk Pokémon434
Poison Bag Pokémon317
Jellyfish Pokémon072
Jellyfish Pokémon073
Brutal Star Pokémon748
Toxic Mouth Pokémon454
Trash Bag Pokémon568
Centipede Pokémon543
Poison Moth Pokémon049
Insect Pokémon048
Seed Pokémon003
Flycatcher Pokémon071
Flower Pokémon045
Hairy Bug Pokémon013
Flycatcher Pokémon070
Poison Gas Pokémon110
Curlipede Pokémon544
Bat Pokémon041

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