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Can you name every Normal-type Pokémon by its category name?

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CategoryPokémonNational Pokédex Number
Long Tail Pokémon190
Long Tail Pokémon424
Alpha Pokémon493
Hearing Pokémon531
Polka Dot Pokémon298
Strong Arm Pokémon760
Beaver Pokémon400
Plump Mouse Pokémon399
Happiness Pokémon242
Bash Buffalo Pokémon626
Valiant Pokémon628
Rabbit Pokémon427
Digging Pokémon659
Weather Pokémon351
Egg Pokémon113
Music Note Pokémon441
Scarf Pokémon573
Season Pokémon585
Prim Pokémon301
Digging Pokémon660
Transform Pokémon132
Triple Bird Pokémon085
Twin Bird Pokémon084
Placid Pokémon780
Land Snake Pokémon206
Evolution Pokémon133
Loud Noise Pokémon295
Wild Duck Pokémon083
Beak Pokémon022
Tiny Robin Pokémon661
Poodle Pokémon676
Long Body Pokémon162
Long Neck Pokémon203
Catty Pokémon431
Stakeout Pokémon735
Playhouse Pokémon440
Generator Pokémon695
Generator Pokémon694
Loyal Dog Pokémon507
Owl Pokémon163
Balloon Pokémon174
Balloon Pokémon039
Parent Pokémon115
Color Swap Pokémon352
Drowsing Pokémon775
Licking Pokémon463
Licking Pokémon108
Puppy Pokémon506
Rushing Pokémon264
Lion Cub Pokémon667
Rabbit Pokémon428
Big Voice Pokémon294
Melody Pokémon648
Scratch Cat Pokémon052
Milk Cow Pokémon241
Chinchilla Pokémon572
Big Eater Pokémon446
Owl Pokémon164
Sage Pokémon765
Scout Pokémon504
Classy Cat Pokémon053
Bird Pokémon018
Bird Pokémon017
Tiny Bird Pokémon016
Tiny Pigeon Pokémon519
Woodpecker Pokémon731
Virtual Pokémon137
Virtual Pokémon233
Virtual Pokémon474
Tiger Cat Pokémon432
Royal Pokémon668
Mouse Pokémon020
Mouse Pokémon019
Colossal Pokémon486
Eaglet Pokémon627
Season Pokémon586
Scout Pokémon161
Synthetic Pokémon773
Kitten Pokémon300
Lazy Pokémon289
Slacker Pokémon287
Painter Pokémon235
Sleeping Pokémon143
Tiny Bird Pokémon021
Spot Panda Pokémon327
Big Horn Pokémon234
Predator Pokémon398
Starling Pokémon397
Starling Pokémon396
Big-Hearted Pokémon508
Flailing Pokémon759
Cotton Bird Pokémon333
Swallow Pokémon277
Tiny Swallow Pokémon276
Wild Bull Pokémon128
Little Bear Pokémon216
Cannon Pokémon733
Wild Pigeon Pokémon520
Bugle Beak Pokémon732
Synthetic Pokémon772
Proud Pokémon521
Hibernator Pokémon217
Wild Monkey Pokémon288
Lookout Pokémon505
Whisper Pokémon293
Balloon Pokémon040
Loitering Pokémon734
Cat Ferret Pokémon335
Tiny Raccoon Pokémon263

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