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Can you name the signature moves that can be used by legendary Pokémon by their in-game description?

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DescriptionMoveUsed by
A vortex of air is shot at the target to inflict damage. Critical hits land more easily.Lugia
The user attacks by engulfing the target in an intense, yet beautiful, blue flame. It may leave the target with a burn.Reshiram
The user charges at its target, surrounding itself with a great amount of electricity. It may leave the target with paralysis.Zekrom
If the Pokémon the user has inflicted damage on have already used their moves, this move eliminates the effect of the target's Ability.Zygarde
The target is crushed with great force. The attack is more powerful the more HP the target has left.Regigigas
Opposing Pokémon are dragged into a world of total darkness that makes them sleep.Darkrai
The user whips up a storm of diamonds to damage opposing Pokémon. This may also raise the user's Defense stat.Diancie
Two turns after this move is used, the user blasts the target with a concentrated bundle of light.Jirachi
After soaring upward, the user attacks its target by dropping out of the sky at high speeds, although it lowers its own Defense and Sp. Def in the process.Rayquaza
The user unleashes a strong beam. The attack's recoil harshly lowers the user's Sp. Atk stat.Magearna
On the second turn, the user hits the target with electrically charged ice. It may leave the target with paralysis.Kyurem
The user throws down a giant thunderbolt. This attack does greater damage when influenced by an enormous flame.Zekrom, Kyurem
The user brings down a giant flame. This attack does greater damage when influenced by an enormous thunderbolt.Reshiram, Kyurem
After obtaining Z-Power, the user, Mew, attacks the target with full force. The terrain will be charged with psychic energy.Mew
The user absorbs energy and sharply raises its Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, and Speed stats on the next turn.Xerneas
The user attacks by blowing freezing cold air at opposing Pokémon. This attack reduces the targets' Speed stat.Kyurem
The user, the Land Spirit Pokémon, obtains Alola's energy using its Z-Power and attacks the target with full force. This reduces the target's HP greatly.Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu, Tapu Fini
The user employs its psychic power to switch stat changes with the target.Manaphy
Using its many arms, the user unleashes a barrage of attacks that ignore the effects of moves like Protect and Detect. This attack lowers the user's Defense.Hoopa
Using a hyperspace hole, the user appears right next to the target and strikes. This also hits a target using Protect or Detect.Hoopa
On the second turn, an ultracold, freezing wind surrounds the target. This may leave the target with a burn.Kyurem
The user releases countless shots of light at the target. Its type varies with the kind of Plate the user is holding.Arceus
The user gathers the energy of the land and focuses that power on opposing Pokémon to damage them.Zygarde
The user faints. In return, the Pokémon taking its place will have its status and HP fully restored.Cresselia
The user lets loose a damaging burst of light. It may also reduce the target's Sp. Def stat.Latios
The target becomes trapped within a maelstrom of fire that rages for four to five turns.Heatran
A mistlike flurry of down envelops and damages the target. It may also lower the target's Sp. Atk.Latias
The user emits a sinister ray to attack the target. This move can be used on the target regardless of its Abilities.Lunala
The user hits the target with the force of nature. It halves the target's HP.Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu, Tapu Fini
The user absorbs its target's HP. The user's HP is restored by over half of the damage taken by the target.Yveltal
The user attacks opposing Pokémon with countless beams of light that glow a deep and brilliant blue.Kyogre
The user attacks opposing Pokémon by manifesting the power of the land in fearsome blades of stone.Groudon
The user shoots powerful lasers using the power of a prism. The user can't move on the next turn.Necrozma
The user attacks the target at full power. The attack's recoil harshly reduces the user's Sp. Atk stat.Deoxys
The user materializes an odd psychic wave to attack the target. This attack does physical damage.Mewtwo
The user sings an ancient song and attacks by appealing to the hearts of those listening. It may also induce sleep.Meloetta
The user blasts the target with power that distorts even time. The user must rest on the next turn.Dialga
The target is razed with a mystical fire of great intensity. It may also leave the target with a burn.Ho-Oh
The user attacks by slicing with its long horns. The target's stat changes don't affect this attack's damage.Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Keldeo
An inferno of scarlet flames torches everything around the user. It may leave the target with a burn.Victini
The user cuts with its long horn. The odd power contained in the horn does physical damage to the target.Keldeo
The user emits a shock wave from its body to attack its target. It may harshly lower the target's Sp. Def.Shaymin
The user disappears, then strikes the target on the second turn. It hits even if the target protects itself.Giratina
After obtaining Z-Power, the user, Marshadow, punches and kicks the target consecutively with full force.Marshadow
The user tears the target along with the space around it. Critical hits land more easily.Palkia
The user hides in the target's shadow, steals the target's stat boosts, and then attacks.Marshadow
The user immerses the target in superheated steam. This may also leave the target with a burn.Volcanion
The user slams into the target with the force of a meteor. This move can be used on the target regardless of its Abilities.Solgaleo
The user fires a beam of light at its target. The type changes depending on the Drive the user holds.Genesect
This move also hits opposing Pokémon that are in the air. Those Pokémon are knocked down to the ground.Zygarde
The user attacks with a wave that crawls along the ground. Those hit can't flee from battle.Zygarde
With a hot flame on its forehead, the user hurls itself at its target. It lowers the user's Defense, Sp. Def, and Speed stats.Victini

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