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Can you name the abilities that can be wielded by legendary Pokémon by their in-game description?

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DescriptionAbilityWielded by
Eliminates the effects of weather.Rayquaza
The effects of ''Aura'' Abilities are reversed to lower the power of affected moves.Zygarde
Reduces the HP of sleeping opposing Pokémon.Darkrai
Prevents other Pokémon's moves or Abilities from lowering the Pokémon's stats.Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Diancie
Powers up each Pokémon's Dark-type moves.Yveltal
Boosts the Pokémon's Attack stat sharply when its stats are lowered.Tornadus, Thundurus
The Pokémon changes the weather to eliminate all of the Flying type's weaknesses.Rayquaza
The Pokémon changes the weather to nullify Water-type attacks.Groudon
Compares an opposing Pokémon's Defense and Sp. Def stats before raising its own Attack or Sp. Atk stat—whichever will be more effective.Genesect
The Pokémon makes it rain when it enters a battle.Kyogre
Turns the sunlight harsh when the Pokémon enters a battle.Groudon
Turns the ground into Electric Terrain when the Pokémon enters a battle.Tapu Koko
Powers up each Pokémon's Fairy-type moves.Xerneas
Contact with the Pokémon may burn the attacker.Moltres, Heatran
Powers up the Pokémon's Fire-type moves if it's hit by one.Heatran
Prevents other Pokémon's moves or Abilities from lowering the Pokémon's stats.Solgaleo
Turns the ground into Grassy Terrain when the Pokémon enters a battle.Tapu Bulu
Heals status conditions if it's raining.Phione, Manaphy
The Pokémon gradually regains HP in a hailstorm.Regice
The Pokémon's intensely focused, and that protects the Pokémon from flinching.Raikou, Entei, Suicune
The Pokémon is suffering from insomnia and cannot fall asleep.Mewtwo
The Pokémon intimidates opposing Pokémon upon entering battle, lowering their Attack stat.Landorus
Being hit by a Dark-type move boosts the Attack stat of the Pokémon, for justice.Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Keldeo
By floating in the air, the Pokémon receives full immunity to all Ground-type moves.Latias, Latios, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Giratina, Cresselia
Halves the Pokémon's weight.Registeel
Reflects status moves, instead of getting hit by them.Diancie
The Pokémon steals the held item of a Pokémon it hits with a move.Hoopa
Turns the ground into Misty Terrain when the Pokémon enters a battle.Tapu Fini
Reduces the amount of damage the Pokémon takes when its HP is full.Lugia
Changes the Pokémon's type to match the Plate or Z-Crystal it holds.Arceus
All status conditions heal when the Pokémon switches out.Celebi, Shaymin
Other Cells gather to aid when its HP becomes half or less. Then the Pokémon changes its form to Complete Forme.Zygarde
Gives priority to a status move.Tornadus, Thundurus
By putting pressure on the opposing Pokémon, it raises their PP usage.Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo, Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Deoxys, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Kyurem
The Pokémon changes the weather to nullify Fire-type attacks.Kyogre
Reduces the power of supereffective attacks taken.Necrozma
Turns the ground into Psychic Terrain when the Pokémon enters a battle.Tapu Lele
Restores a little HP when withdrawn from battle.Ho-Oh, Tornadus
Boosts the power of Rock-, Ground-, and Steel-type moves in a sandstorm.Landorus
Boosts the likelihood of additional effects occurring when attacking.Jirachi, Shaymin, Meloetta
Reduces the amount of damage the Pokémon takes while its HP is full.Lunala
Removes additional effects to increase the power of moves when attacking.Landorus
For five turns, the Pokémon's Attack and Speed stats are halved.Regigigas
Boosts evasion in a hailstorm.Articuno
Boosts its Sp. Atk stat every time a Pokémon faints.Magearna
The Pokémon is charged with static electricity, so contact with it may cause paralysis.Zapdos
The Pokémon's determination boosts the Speed stat each time the Pokémon flinches.Mewtwo
It cannot be knocked out with one hit. One-hit KO moves cannot knock it out, either.Regirock, Cosmoem
The attacker will receive the same status condition if it inflicts a burn, poison, or paralysis to the Pokémon.Mew
Powers up the Pokémon's weaker moves.Marshadow
Anticipates an ally's attack and dodges it.Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu, Tapu Fini
Moves can be used on the target regardless of its Abilities.Zekrom, Kyurem
Moves can be used on the target regardless of its Abilities.Reshiram, Kyurem
When attacking, the Pokémon ignores the target Pokémon's stat changes.Cosmog
Unnerves opposing Pokémon and makes them unable to eat Berries.Mewtwo
Boosts the accuracy of its allies and itself.Victini
Restores HP if hit by an Electric-type move, instead of taking damage.Thundurus
Restores HP if hit by a Water-type move, instead of taking damage.Volcanion

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