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Can you name every legendary Pokémon by its category name?

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CategoryPokémonNational Pokédex Number
Alpha Pokémon493
Freeze Pokémon144
Willpower Pokémon482
Time Travel Pokémon251
Iron Will Pokémon638
Protostar Pokémon790
Nebula Pokémon789
Lunar Pokémon488
Pitch-Black Pokémon491
DNA Pokémon386
Temporal Pokémon483
Jewel Pokémon719
Volcano Pokémon244
Paleozoic Pokémon649
Renegade Pokémon487
Continent Pokémon383
Lava Dome Pokémon485
Rainbow Pokémon250
Mischief Pokémon / Djinn Pokémon720
Wish Pokémon385
Colt Pokémon647
Sea Basin Pokémon382
Boundary Pokémon646
Abundant Pokémon645
Eon Pokémon380
Eon Pokémon381
Diving Pokémon249
Moone Pokémon792
Artificial Pokémon801
Seafaring Pokémon490
Gloomdweller Pokémon802
Melody Pokémon648
Emotion Pokémon481
New Species Pokémon151
Genetic Pokémon150
Flame Pokémon146
Prism Pokémon800
Spatial Pokémon484
Sea Drifter Pokémon489
Thunder Pokémon243
Sky High Pokémon384
Iceberg Pokémon378
Colossal Pokémon486
Rock Peak Pokémon377
Iron Pokémon379
Vast White Pokémon643
Gratitude Pokémon492
Sunne Pokémon791
Aurora Pokémon245
Land Spirit Pokémon787
Land Spirit Pokémon788
Land Spirit Pokémon785
Land Spirit Pokémon786
Cavern Pokémon639
Bolt Strike Pokémon642
Cyclone Pokémon641
Knowledge Pokémon480
Victory Pokémon494
Grassland Pokémon640
Steam Pokémon721
Life Pokémon716
Destruction Pokémon717
Electric Pokémon145
Deep Black Pokémon644
Order Pokémon718

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