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Can you name every Ground-type Pokémon by its category name?

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CategoryPokémonNational Pokédex Number
Alpha Pokémon493
Clay Doll Pokémon343
Whiskers Pokémon339
Eruption Pokémon323
Clay Doll Pokémon344
Lonely Pokémon104
Digging Pokémon660
Mole Pokémon050
Armor Pokémon232
Mole Pokémon529
Mole Pokémon051
Subterrene Pokémon530
Mystic Pokémon330
Cave Pokémon444
Mach Pokémon445
Sea Slug Pokémon423
Rock Pokémon074
Land Shark Pokémon443
Fly Scorpion Pokémon207
Fang Scorpion Pokémon472
Megaton Pokémon076
Automaton Pokémon622
Automaton Pokémon623
Rock Pokémon075
Continent Pokémon383
Hippo Pokémon449
Heavyweight Pokémon450
Desert Croc Pokémon552
Intimidation Pokémon553
Abundant Pokémon645
Rock Skin Pokémon246
Twin Tusk Pokémon473
Bone Keeper Pokémon105
Mud Fish Pokémon259
Donkey Pokémon749
Draft Horse Pokémon750
Drill Pokémon034
Drill Pokémon031
Trainee Pokémon290
Numb Pokémon322
Rock Snake Pokémon095
Sand Castle Pokémon770
Vibration Pokémon536
Long Nose Pokémon231
Swine Pokémon221
Hard Shell Pokémon247
Water Fish Pokémon195
Drill Pokémon112
Spikes Pokémon111
Drill Pokémon464
Desert Croc Pokémon551
Mouse Pokémon027
Mouse Pokémon028
Sand Heap Pokémon769
Vibration Pokémon537
Synthetic Pokémon773
Iron Snake Pokémon208
Trap Pokémon618
Mud Fish Pokémon260
Pig Pokémon220
Continent Pokémon389
Ant Pit Pokémon328
Vibration Pokémon329
Whiskers Pokémon340
Water Fish Pokémon194
Bagworm Pokémon413
Order Pokémon718

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