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Can you name every Grass-type Pokémon by its category name?

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CategoryPokémonNational Pokédex Number
Frost Tree Pokémon460
Mushroom Pokémon591
Alpha Pokémon493
Leaf Pokémon153
Flower Pokémon182
Flower Pokémon069
Fruit Pokémon761
Mushroom Pokémon286
Bud Pokémon406
Seed Pokémon001
Cactus Pokémon331
Scarecrow Pokémon332
Bug Catcher Pokémon455
Time Travel Pokémon251
Blossom Pokémon421
Cherry Pokémon420
Spiny Armor Pokémon652
Spiny Nut Pokémon650
Leaf Pokémon152
Cotton Puff Pokémon546
Barnacle Pokémon346
Blade Quill Pokémon723
Arrow Quill Pokémon724
Season Pokémon585
Sea Creeper Pokémon781
Egg Pokémon102
Coconut Pokémon103
Thorn Seed Pokémon597
Thorn Pod Pokémon598
Sickle Grass Pokémon753
Mushroom Pokémon590
Weed Pokémon044
Mount Pokémon673
Pumpkin Pokémon711
Grove Pokémon388
Wood Gecko Pokémon253
Cottonweed Pokémon187
Seed Pokémon002
Cottonweed Pokémon189
Drawn Sword Pokémon798
Verdant Pokémon470
Nurturing Pokémon542
Sea Lily Pokémon345
Flowering Pokémon549
Jolly Pokémon271
Water Weed Pokémon270
Carefree Pokémon272
Bloom Sickle Pokémon754
Cactus Pokémon556
Herb Pokémon154
Illuminating Pokémon755
Wily Pokémon274
Weed Pokémon043
Grass Monkey Pokémon511
Mushroom Pokémon046
Mushroom Pokémon047
Bulb Pokémon548
Stump Pokémon708
Pumpkin Pokémon710
Spiny Armor Pokémon651
Thorn Pokémon315
Bouquet Pokémon407
Plasma Pokémon479
Grass Quill Pokémon722
Season Pokémon586
Forest Pokémon254
Acorn Pokémon273
Regal Pokémon497
Grass Snake Pokémon496
Sewing Pokémon540
Gratitude Pokémon492
Wicked Pokémon275
Illuminating Pokémon756
Mushroom Pokémon285
Synthetic Pokémon773
Thorn Monkey Pokémon512
Mount Pokémon672
Cottonweed Pokémon188
Grass Snake Pokémon495
Frost Tree Pokémon459
Fruit Pokémon762
Sun Pokémon192
Seed Pokémon191
Leaf-Wrapped Pokémon541
Vine Pokémon114
Vine Pokémon465
Land Spirit Pokémon787
Continent Pokémon389
Wood Gecko Pokémon252
Elder Tree Pokémon709
Fruit Pokémon357
Fruit Pokémon763
Tiny Leaf Pokémon387
Seed Pokémon003
Flycatcher Pokémon071
Flower Pokémon045
Grassland Pokémon640
Flycatcher Pokémon070
Windveiled Pokémon547
Bagworm Pokémon413

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