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Can you name every Flying-type Pokémon by its category name?

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CategoryPokémonNational Pokédex Number
Fossil Pokémon142
Humming Pokémon334
Alpha Pokémon493
First Bird Pokémon566
First Bird Pokémon567
Freeze Pokémon144
Butterfly Pokémon267
Valiant Pokémon628
Butterfly Pokémon012
Launch Pokémon797
Flame Pokémon006
Music Note Pokémon441
Tiny Bee Pokémon415
Bat Pokémon169
Blade Quill Pokémon723
Delivery Pokémon225
Triple Bird Pokémon085
Twin Bird Pokémon084
Dragon Pokémon149
Blimp Pokémon426
Balloon Pokémon425
Water Bird Pokémon580
Sky Squirrel Pokémon587
Wild Duck Pokémon083
Beak Pokémon022
Ember Pokémon662
Tiny Robin Pokémon661
Fly Scorpion Pokémon207
Fang Scorpion Pokémon472
Bat Pokémon042
Atrocious Pokémon130
Wrestling Pokémon701
Rainbow Pokémon250
Big Boss Pokémon430
Owl Pokémon163
Cottonweed Pokémon187
Cottonweed Pokémon189
Abundant Pokémon645
Five Star Pokémon166
Five Star Pokémon165
Diving Pokémon249
Bone Vulture Pokémon630
Kite Pokémon226
Kite Pokémon458
Eyeball Pokémon284
Meteor Pokémon774
Flame Pokémon146
Moth Pokémon414
Darkness Pokémon198
Tiny Bird Pokémon177
Ninja Pokémon291
Owl Pokémon164
Sound Wave Pokémon714
Sound Wave Pokémon715
Dancing Pokémon741
Water Bird Pokémon279
Bird Pokémon018
Bird Pokémon017
Tiny Bird Pokémon016
Tiny Pigeon Pokémon519
Woodpecker Pokémon731
Stag Beetle Pokémon127
Sky High Pokémon384
Plasma Pokémon479
Grass Quill Pokémon722
Eaglet Pokémon627
Dragon Pokémon373
Mantis Pokémon123
Gratitude Pokémon492
Avianoid Pokémon561
Synthetic Pokémon773
Armor Bird Pokémon227
Cottonweed Pokémon188
Tiny Bird Pokémon021
Predator Pokémon398
Starling Pokémon397
Starling Pokémon396
Cotton Bird Pokémon333
White Bird Pokémon581
Swallow Pokémon277
Courting Pokémon528
Tiny Swallow Pokémon276
Scorching Pokémon663
Bolt Strike Pokémon642
Jubilee Pokémon468
Happiness Pokémon176
Cyclone Pokémon641
Cannon Pokémon733
Wild Pigeon Pokémon520
Fruit Pokémon357
Bugle Beak Pokémon732
Proud Pokémon521
Beehive Pokémon416
Scale Pokémon666
Diapered Pokémon629
Seagull Pokémon278
Bat Pokémon527
Mystic Pokémon178
Clear Wing Pokémon193
Ogre Darner Pokémon469
Destruction Pokémon717
Electric Pokémon145
Bat Pokémon041

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