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QUIZ: Can you name every Fire-type Pokémon by its category name?

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CategoryPokémonNational Pokédex Number
Legendary Pokémon059
Alpha Pokémon493
Blaze Pokémon257
Fox Pokémon654
Eruption Pokémon323
Weather Pokémon351
Luring Pokémon609
Flame Pokémon006
Lizard Pokémon004
Flame Pokémon005
Chimp Pokémon390
Young Fowl Pokémon256
Fire Mouse Pokémon155
Blazing Pokémon555
Zen Charm Pokémon554
Fox Pokémon655
Mega Fire Pig Pokémon500
Volcano Pokémon244
Fox Pokémon653
Flame Pokémon136
Ember Pokémon662
Continent Pokémon383
Puppy Pokémon058
Anteater Pokémon631
Lava Dome Pokémon485
Rainbow Pokémon250
Dark Pokémon229
Dark Pokémon228
Heel Pokémon727
Flame Pokémon392
Lamp Pokémon608
Torch Pokémon636
Lion Cub Pokémon667
Fire Cat Pokémon725
Candle Pokémon607
Live Coal Pokémon240
Lava Pokémon219
Spitfire Pokémon126
Blast Pokémon467
Bone Keeper Pokémon105
Flame Pokémon146
Playful Pokémon391
Fox Pokémon038
Numb Pokémon322
Dancing Pokémon741
High Temp Pokémon513
Fire Pig Pokémon499
Fire Horse Pokémon077
Royal Pokémon668
Volcano Pokémon156
Fire Horse Pokémon078
Vast White Pokémon643
Plasma Pokémon479
Toxic Lizard Pokémon757
Toxic Lizard Pokémon758
Synthetic Pokémon773
Ember Pokémon514
Lava Pokémon218
Scorching Pokémon663
Fire Pig Pokémon498
Chick Pokémon255
Coal Pokémon324
Fire Cat Pokémon726
Blast Turtle Pokémon776
Volcano Pokémon157
Victory Pokémon494
Steam Pokémon721
Sun Pokémon637
Fox Pokémon037

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