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Can you name every Fighting-type Pokémon by its category name?

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CategoryPokémonNational Pokédex Number
Alpha Pokémon493
Strong Arm Pokémon760
Blaze Pokémon257
Mushroom Pokémon286
Swollen Pokémon794
Spiny Armor Pokémon652
Iron Will Pokémon638
Young Fowl Pokémon256
Muscular Pokémon534
Woolly Crab Pokémon740
Boxing Pokémon739
Toxic Mouth Pokémon453
Mega Fire Pig Pokémon500
Blade Pokémon475
Muscular Pokémon533
Scaly Pokémon783
Arm Thrust Pokémon297
Wrestling Pokémon701
Single Horn Pokémon214
Punching Pokémon107
Kicking Pokémon106
Handstand Pokémon237
Flame Pokémon392
Colt Pokémon647
Scaly Pokémon784
Rabbit Pokémon428
Aura Pokémon448
Superpower Pokémon068
Superpower Pokémon067
Superpower Pokémon066
Guts Pokémon296
Pig Monkey Pokémon056
Gloomdweller Pokémon802
Meditate Pokémon308
Meditate Pokémon307
Melody Pokémon648
Genetic Pokémon150
Martial Arts Pokémon619
Martial Arts Pokémon620
Playful Pokémon391
Playful Pokémon674
Daunting Pokémon675
Teamwork Pokémon766
Lissome Pokémon795
Fire Pig Pokémon499
Tadpole Pokémon062
Pig Monkey Pokémon057
Emanation Pokémon447
Karate Pokémon539
Hoodlum Pokémon560
Shedding Pokémon559
Synthetic Pokémon773
Flailing Pokémon759
Cavern Pokémon639
Judo Pokémon538
Muscular Pokémon532
Toxic Mouth Pokémon454
Scuffle Pokémon236
Grassland Pokémon640

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