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Can you name every Electric-type Pokémon by its category name?

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CategoryPokémonNational Pokédex Number
Light Pokémon181
Alpha Pokémon493
Electrified Pokémon522
Battery Pokémon737
Angler Pokémon170
Antenna Pokémon702
EleFish Pokémon603
EleFish Pokémon604
Electric Pokémon125
Thunderbolt Pokémon466
Lightning Pokémon309
Ball Pokémon101
Electric Pokémon239
Sky Squirrel Pokémon587
Wool Pokémon180
EleSpider Pokémon596
Rock Pokémon074
Megaton Pokémon076
Rock Pokémon075
Generator Pokémon695
Generator Pokémon694
Lightning Pokémon135
Attaching Pokémon595
Light Pokémon171
Spark Pokémon404
Gleam Eyes Pokémon405
Magnet Pokémon081
Magnet Pokémon082
Magnet Area Pokémon462
Discharge Pokémon310
Wool Pokémon179
Cheering Pokémon312
Dancing Pokémon741
EleSquirrel Pokémon417
Tiny Mouse Pokémon172
Mouse Pokémon025
Cheering Pokémon311
Mouse Pokémon026
Thunder Pokémon243
Plasma Pokémon479
Flash Pokémon403
Synthetic Pokémon773
Trap Pokémon618
Land Spirit Pokémon785
Bolt Strike Pokémon642
Roly-Poly Pokémon777
EleFish Pokémon602
Stag Beetle Pokémon738
Ball Pokémon100
Glowing Pokémon796
Electric Pokémon145
Thunderbolt Pokémon523
Deep Black Pokémon644
Thunderclap Pokémon807

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