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Can you name every Dark-type Pokémon by its category name?

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CategoryPokémonNational Pokédex Number
Disaster Pokémon359
Alpha Pokémon493
Sword Blade Pokémon625
Scarecrow Pokémon332
Savage Pokémon318
Rogue Pokémon342
Pitch-Black Pokémon491
Irate Pokémon633
Ogre Scorpion Pokémon452
Ninja Pokémon658
Sludge Pokémon088
Junkivore Pokémon799
Atrocious Pokémon130
Big Boss Pokémon430
Djinn Pokémon720
Dark Pokémon229
Dark Pokémon228
Brutal Pokémon635
Heel Pokémon727
Revolving Pokémon686
Desert Croc Pokémon552
Intimidation Pokémon553
Cruel Pokémon510
Overturning Pokémon687
Bone Vulture Pokémon630
Scratch Cat Pokémon052
Bite Pokémon262
Sludge Pokémon089
Darkness Pokémon198
Wily Pokémon274
Daunting Pokémon675
Sharp Blade Pokémon624
Classy Cat Pokémon053
Bite Pokémon261
Devious Pokémon509
Mouse Pokémon020
Mouse Pokémon019
Darkness Pokémon302
Desert Croc Pokémon551
Hoodlum Pokémon560
Shedding Pokémon559
Brutal Pokémon319
Wicked Pokémon275
Synthetic Pokémon773
Skunk Pokémon435
Sharp Claw Pokémon215
Forbidden Pokémon442
Skunk Pokémon434
Armor Pokémon248
Moonlight Pokémon197
Diapered Pokémon629
Sharp Claw Pokémon461
Destruction Pokémon717
Illusion Fox Pokémon571
Tricky Fox Pokémon570
Hostile Pokémon634

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