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Can you name the I Shouldn't Be Alive episodes from every season?

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Season 1Five people get caught in a tropical storm and their yacht sinks. They have to survive in the middle of the Atlantic ocean on a raft with absolutely no survival equipment.
Season 1A man, his wife, and their five-month old son miss a sign on their way to a funeral and instead go into an uninhabited national park which has been closed for the winter.
Season 1Yossi Ghinsberg along with Kevin Gale and Marcus Stamm are three young friends who go to the Bolivian Amazon. They become lost and terrible things begin to take place.
Season 1Two friends plan a kayaking trip in the Strait of Georgia. However, when the tide comes in, one friend falls from his kayak and fears that he will end up in the Pacific Ocean.
Season 1Chris Moon, a former British army officer accidentally steps on a landmine and blows off his leg. Two years earlier, he was kidnapped by a murderous group of Khmer Rouge.
Season 1A biologist crashes his plane in the African savannah. With legs broken in a total of six different places, he has to make it alive past lions and other dangerous predators.
Season 1A one ton slab of granite hits an environmentalist and pins him down to the bed of a creek. A man he just met on a deserted beach must now find help for his new friend.
Season 1An Air Force officer and his son go to Turkey for a skiing trip. When they lose their way in a snowstorm, the father has to choose between staying with his son or finding help.
Season 1Two cousins go on a fishing trip on the Sea of Cortés when they realize that they are shipwrecked on a deserted island. They must survive for four days until help arrives.
Season 1Two climbers are scaling a sheer ice-wall in an Alaskan mountain when one falls and is badly injured. A passing aircraft sees their SOS signal, but damages their landing gear.
Season 1Two friends looking to repair their relationship with their fathers plan a fishing trip in Mexico. An unexpected storm leaves them stranded in the middle of the Sea of Cortés.
Season 1Three men, while filming a volcano in their helicopter, crash after losing control and get trapped in a crater of the Kilauea. They must send one of them to radio for help.
Season 1Five survivors of a private plane crash must survive the dangers of the desolate African wilderness. With two severely injured, some of them must attempt to find rescue.
Season 2Two brothers go on a hike in Utah's canyons. They expect the trip will take only 8 hours, but when one brother breaks his leg, the other must find help in freezing weather.
Season 2Three British climbers get caught in a snow storm on Mt. McKinley. They have to send someone down the mountain alone to find rescue before hypothermia takes it toll.
Season 2Blake Stanfield and his dad go kayaking in the Alaskan wilderness. Everything is fine until they run into some ice on the river, and soon find themselves swept underneath.
Season 2A previously dating couple head for the Amazon rain forest and get lost in the jungle. They must survive the dangers of the jungle as they attempt to find their way home.
Season 2Five people on a boat safari find themselves stranded in the Zambezi River when their watercraft sinks due to a mad hippo. None are protected from Africa's deadly wildlife.
Season 2Two scuba divers become stranded in the Pacific Ocean when their boat has to leave them. They subsequently make a decision to swim for shore miles away or die trying.
Season 2Five teenaged scouts and three adult guides hike into the Grand Canyon during a heat wave. Their water begins to run out and the older members collapse in exhaustion.
Season 3Danelle Ballengee suffers a pelvis-shattering 60-foot fall and two horrifying nights in sub-freezing weather in a canyon near Moab, Utah, accompanied only by her dog Taz.
Season 3A couple go on a tour of the San Jacinto Mountains and become separated from their group, only to find themselves stranded and alone for 4 days fighting for their lives.
Season 3An 18 year-old elk hunter in Montana is injured by a bear and must spend a night wandering the wooded mountain area in search of help before his injuries claim his life.
Season 3Ken Hildebrand drives his quadbike into the Canadian wilderness and loses control of it, causing he and the quadbike to topple over. His legs are crushed by the quadbike.
Season 3Two friends plan on going fishing in a less than seaworthy boat when a riptide drags them into the Atlantic ocean. They face dehydration and hunger while awaiting rescue.
Season 3Three friends embark on a sky diving trip that goes horribly wrong when their plane gets caught in a storm, sending them down into the shark infested waters of Costa Rica.
Season 3Four men are forced to fight for their lives against the elements and the very animals they have dedicated themselves to protect after their plane crashes in the wilderness.
Season 3When an amateur treasure hunter becomes lost in the Western Australian Outback, he must face five days of extreme physical exhaustion and the threat of heart failure.
Season 3Three amateur hunters and their two local guides become stranded in the remote mountain wilderness of Kyrgyzstan when their vehicle gets trapped in a large snow drift.
Season 3Kenneth Jones, a British climber, is accidentally caught in a devastating avalanche and falls off a 75 foot cliff. He is forced to crawl for seven miles to reach the nearest road.
Season 4Lost in the Outback for eight days, Matthew McGough and his daughter Shannon must fight off the heat of the desert with whatever supplies they have and await rescue.
Season 4John Silverwood, his wife and his four children embark on the sailing trip of a lifetime. Halfway into the trip, they run aground on a rocky reef and John is seriously injured.
Season 4Charlie Hench falls off a snowy mountain during a personal hiking trip and lands on a small ledge at 9,000 feet. He must survive freezing temperatures until rescue arrives.
Season 4After crashing into a remote mountainside in the Rocky Mountains, pilot Justin Kirkbride must hike for hours in waist-deep snow in order to save his two injured friends.
Season 4Three men become stranded on a deserted island in the Gulf of California during a fishing trip. They attempt to attract the attention of passing fishermen for twelve days.
Season 4Steven Callahan's sailing expedition goes horribly wrong when his boat sinks following a violent storm. He survives for 76 days on a small liferaft in the middle of the ocean.
Season 4After his canoe is smashed, Benedict Allen becomes stranded in the Amazon rainforest for a total of 28 days. He is forced to kill and eat his dog Cashew in order to survive.
Season 4Brandon and Brandy Wiley are plunged into the Costa Rican jungle along with six other passengers when their airplane runs into a mass of clouds and falls out of the sky.

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