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Day of celebrationNationDetails
January 1stIndependence from United Kingdom in 1984
January 22ndUnification of on January 22, 1919
February 4thIndependence from the United Kingdom in 1948.
February 11thLateran Treaty signed with Italy in 1929.
February 18thIndependence from the United Kingdom in 1965.
February 25thIndependence from the United Kingdom in 1961.
March 1stIndependence from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1992.
March 11thIndependence from the Soviet Union in March, 1990.
March 20thDeclaration of independence from France in 1956.
April 9thIndependence from USSR in 1991.
April 18thDeclaration of independence from United Kingdom in 1980.
April 27thIndependence from the United Kingdom in 1961.
May 4thIndependence from Soviet Union on May 4, 1990
May 17thThe signing of the Constitution May 17, 1814
May 20thIndependence from United States in 1902.
May 24thIndependence finally occurred on May 24, 1822 at the Battle of Pichincha.
March 25th Declaration of independence from Ottoman Empire in 1821. Start of the War of Independence
June 1stGained indepedance from New Zealand in 1962
June 12thThe proclamation date of the 1898 Declaration of Independence
June 25thDeclared independence from Yugoslavia in 1991.
July 1stIndependence from Belgium in 1962
July 9thIndependence declared from Spain in 1816.
July 17thDeclaration of Independence in 1992
July 21stIndependence from the Netherlands
July 26thDeclared Independance from the American Colonization Society
Day of celebrationNationDetails
August 1stAlliance against the Holy Roman Empire in 1291.
August 9thMarks exit / separation from Malaysia in 1965.
August 17thDeclaration of Independence day from the Netherlands in 1945
August 24thDen' Nezalezhnosti) Independence from the Soviet Union on August 24, 1991
August 31stIndependence from USSR in 1991.
September 1stIndependence from USSR in 1991.
September 7thDeclared Independence from Portugal on that date in 1822.
September 8thIndependence from Yugoslavia in 1991.
September 15thIndependence from Spain in 1821
September 16thIndependence from Spain declared in 1810
September 22ndIndependence from Ottoman Empire in 1908
September 30thIndependence from Georgia proclaimed in 1999.
October 1stIndependence from the United Kingdom on August 16, 1960,
October 8thIndependence from Yugoslavia in 1991
October 18thIndependence from the Soviet Union in 1991.
October 26thIndependence from Allies of World War II in 1955
November 1stIndependence from the United Kingdom in 1981.
November 9thIndependence from France in 1953
November 18thIndependence from Russia on November 18, 1918.
November 25thIndependence from the Netherlands in 1975.
November 26thIndependence from China on July 11, 1921
December 1stRestoration of independence from Spain in 1640.
December 9thDeclaration of independence from United Kingdom in 1961.
December 16thIndependence from the United Kingdom in 1971
December 24thIndependence from Italy.

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