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Can you name the Worst NBA Players 09-10?

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Player InfoPlayerConference
Backup Center- averages 2 ppg. Gets dunked on constantly.Western Conference
Benchwarmer- averages 1.7 ppg. Takes the term 'un-athletic' to new heights.Western Conference
Backup Shooting Guard- averages 2.4 ppg. If only his jumpshot were as good as his tatoo game (19% from 3 pt. range)Eastern Conference
Backup Centers- These two backup centers combine to average a whopping 1 ppg. Their mother must be proud!One East and one West
Benchwarmer- This one time all-star makes standing up off the bench during timeouts look (EXTREMELY) difficultEastern Conference
Starter- averages 5.2 ppg. Has a knack for ruining offensive flow and flops more than Anderson Varejao. Could take home the honor of worst starter in the NBA.Eastern Conference
Benchwarmer- averages 3.7 ppg. This Knicks great has dunked more donuts this season than basketballsEastern Conference
Benchwarmer- Spot-up shooter who shoots 31% from 3 pt. range. Go Nets!Eastern Conference
Rotation Player- a 'lockdown defender' who only has 11 steals in 38 games. Go Nets!Eastern Conference
Benchwarmer- one of the more successful pro players from the Michigan State National Championship team. This shooting guard is shooting 29% from the field. (He was also the man in Western Conference
Player InfoPlayerConference
Backup Power Forward- possibly the most hated player in the NBA by the general fan population (Hint. DWade hammered it on this sideshow Bob wanna-be)Eastern Conference
Benchwarmer- The most lovable character on this list. Every ginger-kids' hero. Eastern Conference
Starter- This point guard has turned run-and-gun into a pace where eddy curry can keep up.Eastern Conference
Benchwarmer- averages 2.5 ppg. At least he cut the mullet and got a ring!Western Conference
Benchwarmer- averages 2.2 ppg. One of many reasons the Garden used to chant 'Fire Isiah'. Western Conference
Free Agent- so bad even the Nets released him. (Yes, it is possible)N/A
Benchwarmer- tall white guy who can (supposedly) shoot the ball.Multiple answers acceptable
Benchwarmer- was better at stealing laptops in college than stealing the ball in NBA Games (13 steals in 28 games)Western Conference
Worst team in NBA HistoryEastern Conference
Worst (and most hated) player ever. (Plays in China Now)China

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