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Mutant PowerX-ManCurrent Status
Optic Energy Blasts/master strategistLeader of X-Men
Most Powerful telepath in MarvelOn Utopia/former leader
Healing factor/AdamantiumSkeleton and ClawsMember X-Men/Leader X-Force/Avenger
Control of the Weather/FlightWakandan Queen
Absorption of Powers of othersOn Utopia/X-men
Charge objects with kinetic energyOn Utopia
Telekinesis and TelepathyDeceased
Superstrength, speed, staminaJust Returned to Utopia
Telekinesis,psychi knife,telepathyOn Utopia
Converts sonic energyOn Utopia
Creation and manipulation of iceOn Utopia
Flight,enhanced physcial characteristics, wingsX-Force
Plasma BlastsLeader of Starjammers
Metal manipulationStarjammers Member
Reactive EvolutionX-Factor
Sonic Scream, flightDeceased
Phases thru solid matterJust returned to Utopia
Generation of Nuclear FireMarauders
Living organic metal, superhuman strengthOn Utopia
Superhuman strength, speed, enduranceX-Force
Telekinesis, telepathyStarjammers
Master of MetalOn Utopia
Superhuman invention skillsDeceased
Formerly able to exert plasma blastsNew Warriors
Absorbs energy and converts into offensive firepowerChasing Cable and Hope
Probability manipulation, weapons masterX-Force
Mutant PowerX-ManCurrent Status
Thrust flight and kinetic blastsNew Mutants Leader
Telekinesis, telepathy/master strategistProtecting Hope
Telepathy/Transform to living diamond2nd in Command of X-Men
Control of oceanic life/superstrength, flightOn Utopia
Superhuman speed and flightOn Utopia
Psionic body armorOn Utopia
Enhanced speed, agility, reflexes, strengthOn Utopia
Teleportation, flight, soul knifeOn Utopia
Mental possession of othersNew Mutants
Solar absorption for superstrength, blasts and flightNew Mutants
Self evolved super intellectX-Club
Teleportation, soulswordNew Mutants
Teleportation, intangibilityX-Men
Healing, purge addictions, light daggersX-Men
Holographic projections, flight, energy blastsWarden of X-Men
OmnilingualNew Mutants
Clone of WolverineX-Force
Transforms into wolflike state of strength, speed, sensesRecently quit X-Force
Create copies of himselfX-Factor
Telekinesis, force fields, blastsX-Men in training
Electricity AbsoprtionX-Men in training
TelepathyX-Men in training
Astral form projectionX-Men

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