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Can you name the words in this 4-letter Ys-themed word ladder?

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--Name of the protagonist (except Origin)--
Port in South Sudan
Riot or cause havoc
Hen or Lhaw, hills in Lord of the Rings
--Name of the protagonist in some Japanese versions--
1982 film about a person inside a computer
Speed of a horse
German for 'bread'
Spoiled or impolite child
Aquatic vessel
Horned farm animal
Target, objective
--The Claw's real name--
Rock burned to produce energy
Moderately cold
Someone not wise
Twelve inches
Defensive structure
--One of the houses of Ys--
Contract, formal agreement
To put items into a suitcase
Medieval torture device
Found in the ground
Chess piece
--Sacred creatures of Ys turned into demons--
Implements for fishing
--Twin trees growing in Esteria--
US term for a fizzy drink
--Wielder of the Cleria Sword--
An epic or long story
Name for a wise person
Bedraggled clothing
When wood becoes damp, it...
Small marks
Canine creatures
--Travelling companion of the main character--
Island in Lake Volta
Flightless bird
Hill in the Lake District
What a Prinny might say
Celestial body
Between sunrise and midday
Opposite of less
Cultural knowledge and tradition
Opposite of win
Girl or youg woman
Owen and Beru's surname in Star Wars
Alaudidae bird
--First name of the antagonist of the first game--
--Name of the antagonist of the second game--

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