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Can you name the information about the secondary characters in the Harry Potter series?

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Who is the (formerly) chubby boy who has a pet toad?
What is the name of his toad?
What is the name of the grandmothe he lives with?
What does she give him as a present in his first year at Hogwarts?
What is his favorite class?
What Horcrux does he end up destroying?
What is his Blood Status?
When is his birthday?
Who does he end up marrying?
What is his mother's name?
What is his father's name?
What was his house in Hogwarts?
What is his future Job?
Who is Ron's sister?
What is the name of her pet (Pygmy puff) ?
What is her Patronus animal?
Who was her first Boyfriend?
Who was her second Boyfriend?
Who was her last and final boyfriend that she eventually marries?
What was her daughter's name?
What is her eye color?
What is her hair color?
What is her favored position in Quidditch?
When was her birthday?
What is her Middle Name?
What is her future job?
Who is the spacey girl who is the only one who can see Thestrals with Harry?
Who did she witness the death of to enable her to see the Thestrals?
What is her hair color?
What is her eye color?
What is her father's name?
What is her favorite magazine (her father's) ?
What is her Patronus animal?
What was her house at Hogwarts?
What did she use as earrings?
What did she string together to make a necklace?
Who does she end up marrying?
What odd glasses did she wear on occasion?
What did these glasses enable her to see?

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