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Episode DescriptionEpisode TitleDate Aired
As part of the resistance's plan, Daniel and Vince sneak into Wade's room and switch out his prized pin with a fake one and head back to 'The Den', the resistance headquarters.June 16, 2011
Daniel and Vince meet a fellow Cadet named Larmina, who is revealed to be Princess Allura's niece and the trio are given their 'Voltcoms'.June 16, 2011
After the previous events, Wade goes insane and kidnaps the Alliance and replaces its soldiers with robots, while additionally holding Coran hostage.June 16, 2011
When Pidge shows off the new tail-weapon upgrades, the Voltron Force receives a distress call from Coran who warns them of a moon-base factory on Tarvos.June 23, 2011
When the cadets grow impatient with their lack of flight hours in the Lions, Daniel convinces the group to borrow the Lions so they can sneak off to go to Planet Doom.June 30, 2011
Hunk takes the cadets on a bonding mission to his secret junkyard called The Hunkyard to learn teamwork and to build 'crush cars' so they can have their own vehicles.July 7, 2011
The Voltron Force travels to the peaceful planet Ariel to defend a race of lion-riding warriors from Sky Marshall Wade.July 14, 2011
Episode DescriptionEpisode TitleDate Aired
Voltron Force begin noticing several large holes being formed at different locations on the planet.July 21, 2011
Vince's efforts to prove himself to the team end up with him trapped aboard a Haggarium-filled shipping vessel that's sinking in a bottomless ocean planet.July 28, 2011
Keith allows himself to get captured by robots in order to get aboard Wade's invisible prison.August 4, 2011
Voltron Force face their toughest challenge when they take on a powerful newly formed enemy when Lotor's five predators unite to become one powerful robeast.August 11, 2011
Princess Allura teaches the cadets about 'tact', being ambassadors of Voltron Force.August 18, 2011
After trying to take Allura out, Voltron Force travels to Earth to finish the fight with Wade once and for all, but are soon hijacked by Wade's Voltron-controlling device.August 25, 2011

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