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Can you guess the RWBY character? (Season 3 Spoiler Warning)

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This character is 'Combat Ready!'
This character is also known as 'Super Mom'
This character wears a bowler hat
This character can now summon in addition to her glyphs.
This character is the shortest in the series.
This character is a faunus who fought for the White Fang before joining Beacon
This character was voiced by Monty Oum and is currently voiced by his brother.
This character is known as a master thief.
This character was influenced by Little Red Riding Hood.
This character is also known as 'Vomit Boy'
This character has robotic legs.
This character can create glass weapons.
This character's semblance is shapeshifting.
This character is the biological mother to Yang.
This character can absorb lightning and use it to increase her power.
This character is afraid of water.
This character is Ruby and Yang's dog.
This character is a faunus that likes Blake and is famous for his abs.
This character looses her right arm.
This character is killed by Cinder in the Season 3 finale.

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