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QUIZ: Can you name the missing words in these Five Year Mission lyrics?

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Forced Order
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I've taken this too far, and now I've got this ____.
I can see the mess, the ________ and the foreshadow of death.
Built a bot in Stella's image, for me to ________ abuse.
Some ______ walks out, proceeds to explain what it's all about.
She had nothing left to ______ on for.
Sit in a chair and bow my head, ____ on to myself the best I'm able.
Can anyone survive with a ______ through the world?
As time goes by, you might find that _______ never satisfies like the wanting in your mind.
I'm not _____ to command, just a bit confused.
I once feared that _______ could be a dream.
Four thousand dead on Tarsus IV, tonight will ________ be restored?
I don't blame you for ________, but you've got to know its killing us.
You wore a blue ______ and I was alarmed by your driving style.
Instant chicken soup, ______ computers.
I don't know why I'm forced to feel this ______ way.
With a ______ look, Uhura would lure him in to a place where he has no room to defend.
You sense my blood in the ___.
Just don't challenge him at ______, stop this song if it upsets.
Your ______ won't save you from the madness inside me.
_______ forces will think twice.

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