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Song Opening LyricsSong Title
Another red letter day. So the pound has dropped and the children are creating. The other half ran away, taking all the cash and leaving you with the lumber.
(song title) ahh saviour of the universe!
I have sinned dear Father, Father i have sinned. Try and help me Father won't you let me in?
Can anybody find me (song title)? Each morning i get up i die a little, can barely stand on my feet.
Sammy was low just watching the show, over and over again. Knew it was time he made up his mind to leave his dead life behind.
You suck my blood like a leech, you break the law and you breach, you screw my brain till it hurts, you've taken all my money.
Seaside whenever you stroll along with me, I'm merely contemplating what you feel inside
They called him a hero in the land of the free. But he would'nt shake my hand boy he disappointed me.
Empty spaces - what are we living for? Abandoned places- i guess we know the score
Every drop of rain that falls in Sahara desert says it all
(song title)- now you left me all the world's gonna know
Dislocate your spine if you don't sign he says i'll have you seeing double
I'm just the pieces of the man i used to be. Too many bitter tears are raining down on me
It started off so well. They said we made a perfect pair.
One dream, one soul, one prize one goal, one golden glace of what should be

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